Marvel 2099 The Movie is the origin story of the Heroes and Villens of the year 2099 and how they became the Avengers and Sinister Twelve of Marvel Comics Earth-928. Below is a list of all the Heroes and Villens in the movie. 

Marvel 2099 Heroes and Villens!
Avengers 2099 Sinister Twelve 2099
Captain America ( female ) Goblin
Iron-Man : Andros Stark Doctor Octopus ( female )
Thor ( instead of Hercules ) Silvermane
Black Widow ( African American ) Vulture
Hawkeye ( with wings ) Hobgoblin
Hulk Venom : Kron Stone Jr.
Spider-Man : Migel O'Hara Scorpion : Kron Stone Sr.
Punisher : Jake Gallows Web-Man : Flipside
Stange ( female ) Submariner : Roman
Moon Knight ( female ) Garokk
Ghost Rider Vengeance
Dare Devil ( Eric Nelson ) Jigsaw : MultiFactor
Other Marvel 2099 Heroes!
Name BirthName
Doctor Doom Victor Von Doom
Mr. Fantastic Reed Richards clone
Invisible Woman Susan Storm Richards clone
Human Touch Johnny Storm clone
The Thing Ben Grim clone
Running Time!
Name Hour's and Minutes
Marvel 2099 Vol. 1 (1st half ) 2 hours and 30 minutes
Marvel 2099 Vol. 2 (2nd half ) 2 hours and 30 minutes

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