Earth-616.5 is based on Earth-616, Earth-1610 & The Toei Spiderman Universe. This reality is home to not only certain Marvel Super Heroes and Villens, it's also the home of The Power Rangers Disney Era. Below is a list of all of the main Heroes and Villens that live in this reality and how any of them are related to The Disney Seasons. 

Earth-616.5 Characters
Name and Team Relations
Rangerverse Spiderman : Peter Parker Has The Spider Morpher, Spider Cycle, Spider-Mobile and The Marveleer/ Leopardon Megazord
The Fantastic Four Ben Grim was turned into a monster by Dr.Doom
Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. Owns 50% of SPD/ Delta Command
Black Cat : Felisha Hardy Was forcibly given the power to morph into and back from a monster form by Dr. Doom
Iron-Man : Tony Anthony Stark Armor is of the Metal Hero Space Sheriff Red
War Machine : James Rodey Rodes Armor Baced off of The Beetleborgs ally Silver Ray
Miss. Rescue : Pepper Potts A Female version of The Beetleborgs ally Karato
Big Hero Six From The CGI animated Disney Movie
Dr. Victor Von Doom AKA Professor Monster
Lady Deathstrike AKA The Amazoness
The Mandarin Given his powers by Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom's 12 monsters Tombstone, The Scorpion, TheVulture, Electro, Beetle, The Lizard, The Submariner, The Doombot's ( not monsters ), Dr. Octopus, Sabertooth (Tiger), Mickle Morbius,Man Wolf & Goblin: Shogon Norman Osborne
Dr. Strange An ally of The Power Rangers Mystic Force
Power Rangers Ninja Storm The evil Silver Samurai is an ally of Lothor.
Power Rangers Dino Thunder All of their Dinozords live in The Savage Land.
Power Rangers S.P.D. 50% of Delta Command is owned by S.H.I.E.L.D.
Power Rangers Mystic Force Dr. Strange is a main ally
Power Rangers Operation Overdrive The Thor, Loki and Sith of Power Rangers Operation Overdrive are replaced with their counterparts from Marvel Comics Earth-616.5 Universe, which are all three baced on their Earth-616 counterparts.
Power Rangers Jungle Fury Every animal themed hero has trained at the Pi Swah Temple to master and unlock their own animal spirits.
Power Rangers R.P.M. The Domed City of Corinth is on Planet Sakarr, also known as Planet Hulk, and The evil Ultron is an ally of The evil living computer virus Venjix.
Ulrton Ally of the Venjix virus
Silver Samurai An ally of Lothor
Dormanu Replaces Octomus as the main enemy of Power Rangers Mystic Force
The Venom Simbiote Was responsible for turning the Red Mystic Rangers father Leonbow into Koragg The Knight Wolf ( it forms Koragg The Knight Wolf instead of the simbiote monster Venom. )
Silver Surfer (Hero) : Norman Rad His body is that of Space Sheriff Gaven G-Type
The Avengers!
Name Baced on
Captain Japan : John Lee Captain America and Battle Japan
The Black Panther : Azonti Battle Kenya
Hawkeye : Fonze Le Barton Battle France
Wolverine : Logan Battle Crossack
Miss. America : Gwen Stacy Battle Miss. America

NOTE : These are the only seasons of Power Rangers that are apart of the Marvel Comics Multiverse, while all of the others are apart of The D.C.Comics Multiverse as The Earth-1.5Universe /Sentaiverse/ D.C.Comics Rangerverse.