• Magichan

    Hello, it's Magichan here! For info about character layout style, kindly please read through this blog. Although some articles doesn't really apply the layout presented, please remember that this is only a suggestion and to try keeping everything in uniform. If you have questions, please comment below. Thank you! :3

    At the very top of an article, a property template must be placed:

    • Template:Property

    If you don't like to use it, go make your own template and be free to edit it. Please avoid including curses and rude words should you make one!

    After labeling it as your property, add an infobox:

    • Template:Howl's Favorite
    • Template:Magichan Infobox

    It's actually not a section, please remember! The introduction is the most basic outline of your characte…

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  • Ylande

    Welcome to the Wiki!

    May 30, 2014 by Ylande

    Hello, I'm Ylande (You can call me Howl) and I'm the admin of the Marvel Fanon Wiki here! *waves* I'm excited to meet you all as you create some pretty awesome characters and maybe roleplay with them as well.

    There isn't really a purpose to this blog, I just wanted to introduce myself :)

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