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Anastasia Moore

Tasha Nickname
Greek Tragedy Witch Epithet


Human Mutant


Female Female




August 2nd

Hair Color

Light blonde

Eye Color

Light blue

Professional Status

Unnamed modelling company



Personal Status





Conjuring illusions
Slowed aging

Anastasia Moore is a Human Mutant that works as a supermodel. Her profession in the world of ordinary people is merely a facade for her genetic mutation. She antagonizes media that destroyed her reputation and plans to orchestrate an assassination of thousand people who supported the media-bashing. Anastasia is a mutant who possesses abilities to conjure illusions that seem to deal mental damage. Her mutation also slows down her aging process, which gave Anastasia her current career. Her full name is Anastasia Jane Fischer Moore but is commonly called Tasha.



Supporting her career and lifestyle, Anastasia is vain and rather snobbish. Primarily focusing on her looks, it is apparent that she has fondness for fashion. She used her clout and made her modelling company earn international renown. Ordinarily, famous personalities are praised, but are equally mocked through social media; Anastasia became a target of media-bashing as well. As a result of this, Anastasia now loathes common humans and will only respect the modelling company and relatives of hers. Her occupation remains as a supermodel and instead of showing hatred, Anastasia stayed stoic and never showed her feelings to the media.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Anastasia's flood illusion

Illusion Creation: Her primary mutant power is the creation of mental illusions. She does said feat by manipulating brainwaves, mainly hers, to send them to the foes' and create the phantasm. She can also read the brainwaves of the foe and recreate past events in the same manner. These phantasms may put the target in an emotional breakdown or in the worst case, death. Some may see it overpowered but take note that it is not flawless. Anastasia can only conjure an illusion on people caught within her eyesight. Should she remove her vision on someone experiencing the phantasm, the illusion will instantly vanish; this also applies to blocking her field of vision. Her limitation may be caused by the need to read the brainwaves in order to utilize it. If more than one people are within her sight, even if she only targets one of them, everyone will share the same hallucination.


  • Anastasia Moore is based on Asura from Area D.

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